There are many people doing Sacred Intimacy type work around the world.

Here is a list of a few of them. I either know these individuals personally, or they come highly recommended by someone I know.

They may consider themselves Sacred Intimates or Bodyworkers or both.....or they may call themselves something else entirely.

If you are interested in being listed here and wish to share a link and post my link on your site, please email me and we'll find a time to chat.


Blessings on your journey....... Steve/StarDancer

"Breathe deeply, for life is but a breath"



Riley Michael  Good Energy Massage San Diego

Chery Owens

Czech Republic

Tantra Spa Pragu


Kai Ehrhadt

New York 

Don Shewey   Body and Soul Work

John Ollom   Teacher-Choreographer-Movement Artist-Artistic Director


Volker Moritz  Talk, Touch & Body Explorations


Paco in Barcelona Tantra Touch for Men


Andres Sacred Intimate and Surrogate Partner - Live your life joyfully + soulfully + ecstatically

Dave Allen  Coach4Men














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