What is a Sacred Intimate?

What is a Sacred Intimate?

A Sacred Intimate is a person who loves intimacy with your wounds. He believes that your wound is the entry to your healing and to your spirit. He brings love and can see the "healed you" beyond the wound and he will work with you to bring him out into your magnificence. The SI is in part a magician because he will conjure up with you a process to carry your intention forward through which your heart heals itself and your soul feels recognized. 

He is there as a lover of you in the now, with a welcome to emergence 
He is confronter of demons 
He is ritual maker for transitions, celebrations and acknowledgments 
He is holder of the sacred in you 
He is a teacher of the spirit 
He is trained in courageously facing his own growth 
He is a father to the wounded son 
He celebrates the brotherliness of the moment with you
He is a welcomer and believer in your authenticity 
Above all he believes the universe will guide him.

~David Hoe
Post Election 2016



Phone: 314 630-4216

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