Post Election 2016

Post Election 2016

Okay folks. The bear has been poked. I appreciate all of the "don't panic" and "we've been through this before." Thing is--we haven't. It's a different time and the world is in a different place.

I owned a veterinary practice/business for 37 years. When I started practice in 1978 my office calls were $10. At the end of owning the business the charge was $50: the ever upward spiral of capitalism based on "more and more." I often wondered, "How long can this go on?" 

Now a super capitalist con man who knows how to work the system to his advantage has expertly, with intent, "poked the bear" of the large mass of people who've been left behind, because that's how capitalism works. We ALL can't have "more and more." For the small number of people who succeed in the system there has to be larger numbers of people with less behind them. Those who are left behind are rightly frustrated and have been duped into believing that more and better capitalism will make us "great again." It's not possible and somebody needs to say so.

Hillary didn't loose because "we didn't do enough" or "miscalculated" or because she was "crooked." She lost because our economic system and way of life is flawed and unsustainable. 

I don't have an answer. I don't consider myself a communist. Probably more of a socialist. But, I don't think the answer lies in a different ideology, but having a more egalitarian system of use of available resources seems a place to look. Looking at other people of the world as partners in our survival and not "others" would also be a good place to start. Our planet is a closed system and we are destroying it, soon we will have destroyed enough of the symbiotic relationships in nature needed to sustain that closed system. 

Savor your relationships. Treasure your time with loved ones. Be kind. Hope for breakthroughs in science and technology that will allow us to exist in harmony with our planet, not just use it up. Look to your God to guide and protect you if you will, but include everyone in your prayers, not only those who believe as you do. Trust that humans are meant to survive and that survival means both living through pain and being willing to change.

Blessings to all for comfort, peace, courage and hope. ...

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