And There We Sat

And There We Sat

From the moment our eyes met
And we hugged….

He was sweaty
A brisk summer walk to meet me
Ear buds and MP3

We walked to the edge of the fountain
Straddling the wide perimeter rim
And sat
He pulled up close
Legs over mine
One leg each inside the dry fountain

Crotches nuzzling
Yab Yum
Tight embrace
Parallel breaths
Dropping into connection

Oblivious to the people
Or the cars rounding the circle
His lips on my neck
Mine on his

And conversation
The embrace released
Eyes engaged

More conversation
Verbal and tactile
He laid back
Legs still over mine
More touch

Another tight embrace
He’s blowing bubbles on my neck
And then delicious soft kisses
Our lips completing the circuit

Now my turn to lay back
Switch legs
Mine over his
The conversation continues

Into another deep hug
My palm on the small of his back
His on mine
Pushing us close
Chakras aligned

When did it get dark in Dupont Circle?

Post Election 2016
Alone on the Beach


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Friday, 10 April 2020



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