Who Am I

I am a seeker on a journey of discovery. I am an elder willing to share what I have learned. At 69 years old I’ve learned the importance of being physically aware, taking care of my body and delight in my sensuality, sexuality and erotic life. I’ve been afraid and looked into the face of my fears; I’ve suffered and explored the wounds at the root of my suffering; I’ve leapt into the unknown and soared on glorious wings; I’ve laughed, danced, played and celebrated; I’ve said “Yes” to the deep connection and healing power of erotic pleasure.

I am a father, lover, healer and singer. I love to dance. I’m an empath gifted with intuitive touch.

Professionally, I’m now retired after practicing veterinary medicine for 40 years. During the last 10 years I have explored the connection between my physical body and spiritual body. I’ve participated in many course offerings from The Body Electric School. I also have done a year long program, Authentic Eros, and spent a month in Thailand learning Thai Yoga Massage. Through the compassionate and wise teachings of the men and women leading these workshops I have learned how to recognize the difference between habits and desires, wants and needs, sharing and taking, knowing what I want and being able to ask for it.

I have practiced yoga for the last 10 years and I have trained as a yoga instructor with Aaron Starr of Hot Nude Yoga. The meditative physical practice of yoga has brought me a deeper understanding of how the breath can focus the connection between body and spirit. The power of intimate connection heightened through breath work was also made aware to me through the teachings of Ian Ellington and Rudy Ballentine in their individual Tantra workshops.

I have experienced the awe inspiring wisdom and connection to nature through three Vision Fasts with The School of Lost Borders.  I am alos an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.

I currently identify myself as homoflexible. I was married to a woman for 14 years raising two sons;  for that period of my life I identified myself as heterosexual. I have been in a committed homosexual relationship with my partner, Hugh, for 29 years. For me, sexuality and sensuality are fluid and not automatically connected to gender.

As a Sacred Intimate I offer myself intellectually, physically, emotionally, erotically and spiritually to you as witness, teacher, friend, lover, guide, brother, mentor and fellow traveler. Without judgment I will encourage and assist you in exploring your desires, questions, pleasures, and wounds through whatever means my abilities and boundaries allow.


StarDancer/Steve, St. Louis, Missouri


“Breathe deeply, for life is but a breath”



Phone: 314 630-4216


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