There are many people doing Sacred Intimacy type work around the world.

Here is a list of a few of them. I either know these individuals personally, or they come highly recommended by someone I know.

They may consider themselves Sacred Intimates or Bodyworkers or both.....or they may call themselves something else entirely.

If you are interested in being listed here and wish to share a link and post my link on your site, please email me and we'll find a time to chat.


Blessings on your journey....... Steve/StarDancer

"Breathe deeply, for life is but a breath"



Riley Michael  Good Energy Massage San Diego

Chery Owens  Moutain Valley Retreat

Czech Republic

Tantra Spa Pragu


Kai Ehrhadt  Authentic Eros

New York 

Don Shewey   Body and Soul Work

John Ollom   Teacher-Choreographer-Movement Artist-Artistic Director


Volker Moritz  Talk, Touch & Body Explorations


Paco in Barcelona Tantra Touch for Men


Andres Sacred Intimate and Surrogate Partner - Live your life joyfully + soulfully + ecstatically

Dave Allen  Coach4Men














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